The two series - batch furnaces KL, KO and car bottom furnaces KLW, KOW were developed to offer our customers a serial product that is based on many years of experience in furnace construction. The high quality, a mature concept as well as a fast delivery time are only a few characteristics of this furnace series. Both furnace series can be manufactured in electrical or gas-heated design.





hardening, annealing, tempering


by crane, by forklift truck, partially or fully automated
Door shapes swing or lift door
Door mechanism manual, pneumatic, hydraulic or by electric motor
Construction sizes from 0,13 m³ upwards
Batch weight up to 20 t
Temperature range up to 1.300° C
Insulation solid or lightweight construction

technical data

Heating types electrical or gas-fired


active or passive (via combustion air fan)
Temp. distribution via air circulation up to +/- 1,5 K
Atmosphere air, nitrogen, other media

Rod, PE, Siemens, Jumo

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