Especially large component dimensions often make it necessary to load the furnace from above, usually by crane. The usable space of the furnace must be prepared accordingly. For this purpose trestles are often used to pick up the component. We customize these trestles according to your batch.

Depending on the respective specification, our box furnaces can be used for hardening, as well as for tempering and annealing of components with an optional dimension. For large box furnaces there is the option to install a walkway above the box to allow easy and safe loading.


genutzt werden. Bei großen Truhenöfen kann optional ein Laufgang oberhalb der

Truhe installiert werden, um ein einfaches und sicheres Beschicken zu ermöglichen.



hardening, annealing, tempering


by crane, partially or fully automated
Lid types
hinged lid
Door mechanism manual, pneumatic, hydraulic or by electric motor
Construction sizes
up to 2 m³ upwards
Temperatures up to 1.250° C
Insulation solid or lightweight construction

technical data

Heating type elektrical or gas-fired


active or passive (via combustion air fan)
Temp. distribution via air circulation up to +/- 1,5 K
Atmosphere air, nitrogen, other media
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