cleaning baths


Cleaning baths and washing systems are used for the pre- or post-cleaning of components coated with emulsion. A high reproducibility of the heat treatment process as well as the compliance with environmental and occupational safety standards often make it necessary to remove adhesions from the components before the start of the heat treatment. In case of several charging stations, a capacity increase can be achieved by separate, removable heating and cooling hoods.



Procedures cleaning of emulsion coated parts
Media water, cleaning emulsion
Design single or double-walled
Charging manual, also possible partially or fully automated
Lid swing or hinged lid, without lid
Construction sizes up to 200 m³
Temperature range
up to 150° C
Insulation lightweight construction, with sheet covering

technical data

Type angular and rounded


one, two or three chambers
Heating type
Cooling heat exchanger and cooling station

circulation pumps with nozzle blocks


via air jets


vertical or horizontal

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