We supply nitriding furnaces in electrical or gas-heated versions. We produce the furnaces for various heat treatment processes up to a usable length of over 10,000 mm and a usable diameter of up to 5,000 mm.

The advantages: the furnaces can be charged directly by crane. Due to the typical recessed furnace shafts only a low crane hook height is required. The vertical treatment of long components minimizes changes of dimensions and shapes. A high heating and cooling rate with a uniform heat transfer to the components is achieved by a convection using circulation and a gas cylinder.





Gas nitriding, nitrocarburizing


by crane, partially or fully automated
Lid mechanism by crane or lifting equipment
Construction variants horizontal or vertikal
Construction sizes
from 2 m³ upwards
Construction variants with or without retort
Temperature range
up to 750° C
Insulation massive or lightweight construction

technical data

Heating type
elektrical or gas-fired


aktive or passive (via combustion air fan)
Temp. distribution
via air circulation up to +/- 1,5 K
atmosphere nitriding atmosphere
Programme controller

Rod, PE


Separate gassing cabinet, ammonia splitter

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