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Worldwide well over 10,000 furnaces and systems are in operation, today NOLZEN is one of the experienced and established companies in the industry. The wide range of products also includes hood and box furnaces, salt-bath furnaces, paternoster and special furnaces.

We supply energy-efficient standard furnaces as well as customer-specific electric and gas-heated solutions for temperatures up to 1,350°C.



Our core business includes shaft, car bottom and batch furnaces for large-volume components and high charge weights. Sizes up to an effective diameter of 4,500 mm or an effective depth of 11,000 mm have already been realized for nitriding, hardening and annealing.



Car bottom and batch furnaces are manufactured in all desired dimensions and up to a volume of 50 m³ and charge weights over 100 t according to customer requirements.


1919 - 2023

nolzen heat treatment plants


The Nolzen family has been engaged in business for generations.
Our vision: everything we do is dedicated to our customers! This has influenced us a lot. Ronsdorf, today part of the city of Wuppertal, specialized in ribbon weaving, had about 4,000 inhabitants in 1850. 1,700 thereof weavers and knitters, not including the finishing industry. At that time Nolzen dealt with the colouring



business; because this is strongly connected to water consumption, the small business moved closer to the Morsbach river region, Ronsdorf textiles were in great demand. As hat ornaments, decoration on dresses, leaving satisfied customers between Berlin, Budapest and Paris.


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