Type HL/HLg/HO/HOg



Top hat furnaces realize that the circulating fan can be installed in the furnace base or in the furnace cover. The charging plate is more accessible than with a shaft furnace. This can be advantageous for components which are difficult to charge. Thus no large furnace pits are necessary.

If several charging stations are available, an increase in capacity can be achieved by separate, removable heating and cooling hoods.



Procedures annealing, tempering, nitriding
Charging by crane, by forklift truck possible  partially or fully automated
Lid types
by crane or lifting equipment
Door mechanism
manual, hydraulic or by electric motor
Construtcion sizes
from 2 m³ upwards
Construction variants
with or without retort
Temperature range up to 1.100°C
Insulation solid or lightweight construction

Technical Data

Heating type
gas-fired or electrical


active or passive (via combustion air fan)
Temp. distribution
via Air circulation up to +/- 1,5 K
Atmosphere air, nitrogen, nitriding atmosphere
Programme controller

Rod, PE


separate gassing cabinet, ammonia splitter

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