Paternoster furnaces (series P)

The furnace:

In a paternoster furnace, the serial parts to be treated, for example, crank shafts, are placed on gondolas or in C-hooks and moved through the furnace multiple times using an up and down motion. The necessary waiting time at temperature can thus be implemented in a space-saving way compared to the classic continuous furnaces.

The cooling path is integrated in the furnace, the heat treatment is thus fully completed when the items are removed.

Application areas:

Paternoster - tempering furnaces are heated electrically and are suitable for the tempering of serial parts in continuous procedure up to a maximum of 350°C. The systems are fully automated with interfaces for loading and unloading including automated control and regulation systems.

Why choose Nolzen paternoster furnaces?

The constant movement at temperature with the lowest failure and maintenance times is the key to successful operation of a paternoster furnace. We have a high level of experience in the manufacture of paternoster systems. In the automotive industry in particular, renowned companies use Nolzen paternoster systems for the tempering of motor parts. Do not hesitate to contact us!