Hooded furnaces (series H)

With hooded furnaces, the air circulation fan may be located in the pedestal or the hood of the furnace. The batch plate is more easily accessible than with a shaft furnace. This can be particularly advantageous for components that are difficult to batch, Further, large furnace shafts are not necessary.

With multiple batch locations, it is possible to increase capacity using separate, removal heating and cooling hoods.

Very versatile in use

This type of construction represents a simple type of construction, but one that has been tried and tested over many years, and in which a variety of thermal treatments can be implemented. The application scope includes the tempering or curing, the tempering and age hardening of non-ferrous metals and plastics as well as the annealing, hardening and gas carburising of iron and steel.

Size of utilisation space

The utilisation spaces can be implemented, in accordance with customer requirements, as 0.5m³ for small chamber and laboratory furnaces and up to 100m³ for large systems.  

Type of construction

The furnace housing is constructed as a stable and durable steel construction and can be insulated according to customer requirement in an energy-saving solid construction method or in a lightweight construction method. 

Inert gas atmosphere

Nolzen industrial furnaces, are generally speaking, also available with a fully automated gas system. We will happily coordinate with you to establish which gas atmosphere you require in order to create the product you desire.

Hood versions

The lid may be hydraulic, pneumatic, electrical or manually operated

Air flow

For industrial furnaces with temperature ranges of up to 900°, a targeted controlled air flow created by air baffles achieves a precise temperature distribution of +/- 3°C in the furnace with the previously precisely warmed air. The products to be treated are thus heated very evenly.

As of 900°C, no air circulation is used. The even temperature distribution is ensured by the heating elements attached on multiple sides.

Type of heating

Nolzen furnaces can be heated by gas or electricity. For electrical heating, the generous arrangement of heating elements ensures an over surface load and thus a higher lifetime of the heating. Gas-heating is carried out using only German branded products. We are happy to coordinate the configuration of the industrial furnace with you!


We offer almost all industrial furnaces and industrial furnace lines in fully automated versions for industrial serial production. Do not hesitate to contact us!

Switching cabinet and regulation technology

The execution of the switching cabinet and regulation technology is implemented using only German branded products. The programming is carried out in-house in full.

The procedure can be freely programmed with the use of programmable logic controllers (PLC) and programming rules.

Emulsion after-burning

In the heating of emulsion-coated workpieces, an oil vapour is generated inside the utilisation chamber. A cleaning of this process exhaust air can be implemented by way of after-burning. 

Optionally, waste heat recovery may also be installed.

Waste heat recovery

It often makes sense to install waste heat recovery in order to make use of the heat generated by the process, for example, for pre-heating other workpieces. We will be happy to work with you to determine which waste heat recovery system is right for you.