Continuous bandsaw systems (series DZ)

Our bandsaw heat treating systems use the continuous method and are used for the hardening and tempering of bandsaws in a single processing step. We supply both ready to use complete heat treating lines, as well as individual components according to application. The systems are modular in construction and usually consist of the following components:

  • Decoiler
  • The hysteresis brake can be set in order to tension the saw for the subsequent stages of the process
  • Flame-cleaning furnace for cleaning the saws, up to 650°C
  • Hardening furnace for hardening the saws, up to 1220°C
  • Cooling station in 1 or 2 stage execution as rapid cooling, adapted to the application, with cooling channel
  • Tempering furnace up to 650°C, with subsequent cooling channel
  • Decoiler with regulated drives up to 10m/min
  • Gas regulation unit (nitrogen, if desired with hydrogen parts)
  • Switching and regulating equipment
  • and a separate tempering furnace with evacuation equipment for blank tempering of the coiled bandsaws


The special technical features are:

  • Muffle version in hardening furnace made from high-heat resistant material for high durability
  • Electrically heated and precise electronically regulated furnace
  • Hardening furnace with multiple regulation zones for precise regulation of saw temperature
  • High-quality measuring sensor version
  • Drives, infinitely adjustable in force and speed
  • Infinitely adjustable cooling performance at the cooling station with regulated fans
  • The return cooling of the coolant is carried out with water only
  • Variable set up is possible thanks to the modular structure
  • Low media consumption
  • Robust execution of the entire line
  • Simple to operate concept for longer system availability and high benefits
  • Equipping with gas mixer for hydrogen operation possible at any time


Typical orientation data, according to specification, material and level of contamination of the workpiece are:

  • Burn temperatures of 300-650°C
  • Hardening temperatures between 1150-1220°C
  • Tempering temperatures 480-580°C
  • Through speeds can be set between 0.2-6.0m/min
  • Bandsaw geometries variable, e.g. from 0.8x14mm through to 1.8x90mm

In addition to the key data of the system named, other dimensions and applications can be implemented according to the wishes of the customer. The line can be enhanced with other products from our wide range such as, for example, tempering furnaces with evacuation equipment, guides or coilers or decoilers.